A more patient-specific orthotic is fabricated through a digital, direct-milled process, using the cleanest and most up-to-date medical grade materials.


Earthwalk encourages the prescribing physician to consult with our Licensed Pedorthist (L.Ped) who is aware of the many products and design features specific to your patient’s needs.


Modest pricing allows you order prescription orthotics at a fair and reasonable cost, making orthotic dispensing a true revenue-builder for your practice.


Earthwalk Orthotics is a full-service laboratory providing high quality, moderately priced products to meet the needs of all of your patients. Click on each photo to learn more.

Susan BartosNote from the Founder


I believe the most productive part of my workday is the time I spend discussing individual, patient’s cases with our doctors. I know that most labs have customer service representatives, and it is out of the ordinary for the owner to be accessible for biomechanical consults. For me, it is a method that draws me closer to that patient; giving me a greater understanding of their foot problems, and how it affects their daily life. It allows me to convey that understanding to my employees – from the design analyst, to the glue room, to quality control, all the way to our shipping department. Doctors continually express how much these brief dialogues improve the patient’s result with orthotic therapy. Every day is a full agenda for a lab owner. There’s a business to run, employees to supervise, and customers to attend to. Meeting the needs of the patients, that rely on Earthwalk to relieve their pain, is always paramount. It is the basis for all other tasks. When you really feel that you are instrumental in the healing process, you instill confidence through competence and compassion. All of us at Earthwalk value the trust you have place in our charge, and will use all of our experience and skills to help insure a successful outcome for the patients we all serve.

~Susan  Bartos, Founder